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Hotel Moctezuma has been thriving right in the heart of Montezuma since the first roots of Montezuma were formed. Family owned by heirs of the original land owners, Hotel Moctezuma still boasts about its roots. The original homestead is now called Las Delicias and is a restaurant operated by Hotel Moctezuma, right across and next to the hotel itself.

The hotel offers rooms on all three “corners” of the downtown T, perfect for enjoying Montezuma’s beaches, nightlife, restaurants, and everything else it has to offer.

We offer rooms for the minimalist as well as apartment style rooms for those looking for a little more luxury.


Obviously, operating a hotel called Moctezuma in a town called Montezuma causes many people to ask the question, “Why the name?” Well, we’re glad you’ve come to this site:

Here’s the story of why Grandpa Nono named the hotel “Hotel Moctezuma”:

The first people in Montezuma were Indians, and the leader of the tribe was named Chief Moctezuma. One night, Grandpa Nono, the founder of Hotel Moctezuma, had a dream just as he began establishing his dream hotel. He dreamt of Chief Moctezuma and was told in the dream why his tribe left the town. He was told that the Spaniards came here to steal everything from them.

They fell on very rough times and soon decided to leave rather than resort to violence. The tribe moved on to Mexico, and Grandpa Nono decided to honor them by naming his Hotel in tribute of Chief Moctezuma.


Hotel Moctezuma has been family owned since its inception. In fact, the land which much of Montezuma is built has been in the family since the early 1950’s when only a small farmhouse stood on the property – that house is now our restaurant, Las Delicias.

Since then, Montezuma has grown into a quaint, cool little beach town with a cool VIBE.

Montezuma has seen it’s share of famous visitors. River Phoenix and The Red Hot Chili Peppers used to hang and party here when they weren’t working, and oftentimes Mel Gibson and other celebrities still walk the beaches enjoying what Montezuma Costa Rica has to offer.

Check out the photo gallery for some photos of our family and the land before Montezuma.

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