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Montezuma is known for its many river basins with water cascading down steep slopes out to the ocean. Check out some of our famous waterfalls.  

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Turtle births, crab migrations, surfing, yoga, sunning, relaxing. These are just a few of the things happening on our world famous beaches.

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Just 15 or so years ago, the late River Phoenix and his pals from The Red Hot Chili Peppers hung in Montezuma because of its unknown beauty.

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Some say "relaxed," some "caribbean, some "hippy." Any way you describe it, Montezuma has a cool vibe that draws people from all over the world. 

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Montezuma, Costa Rica

Hotel Moctezuma is a beach-front hotel located right in the center of town in the beautiful village of Montezuma, Costa Rica.

The hotel has a variety of clean, comfortable rooms, and offers lower rates than comparable hotels in Montezuma.

We invite you to stay with us during you visit, and enjoy the pleasures of Montezuma, Costa Rica with a first-hand view of the action.

With rooms as low as $15 per night, Hotel Moctezuma is simply the best place to stay in Montezuma, Costa Rica.  

View our rooms and rates or go to our reservations page to book your room on-line today.

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Why Stay at Moctezuma

Lots of reasons:

* Hotel Moctezuma is one of the few hotels right on the beach. You won't even need to bring your towel.

* Our hotel is smack dab in the center of town. Enjoy all that Montezuma has to offer.

* We've got rooms and rates that fit most needs and budgets. Fan or A/C, hot water or room temperature, TV, kitchen, whatever your needs, we can meet them.

* All our rooms have private bathrooms and wi-fi.

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