APARTMENT STYLE ROOMS Our apartments sleep up to six guests. They offer a private bathroom with hot water, cable television, air conditioning, and a full kitchen including pots, pans, plates and utensils. -see the rooms here Rates: apartments start at $35 per night for one person. Contact us for exact…

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There are many beaches in the area that offer all the great activities a beach could, such as surfing, sunbathing, body-surfing and boogie-boarding, snorkeling, and wildlife viewing. Here are some we recommend: * Montezuma Beach is a one minute walk north of Hotel Moctezuma and is the perfect spot to…

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The Vibe

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Montezuma Costa Rica is Montezuma Costa Rica. There is no other town like it in Costa Rica. The closest you might get is Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean side, though Montezuma is just a little less “rasta” and a little more “hip,” say many of the visitors here. From street…

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Hotel Moctezuma has been family owned since its inception. In fact, the land which much of Montezuma is built has been in the family since the early 1950’s when only a small farmhouse stood on the property – that house is now our restaurant, Las Delicias. Since then, Montezuma has…

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About Us

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Hotel Moctezuma has been thriving right in the heart of Montezuma since the first roots of Montezuma were formed. Family owned by heirs of the original land owners, Hotel Moctezuma still boasts about its roots. The original homestead is now called Las Delicias and is a restaurant operated by Hotel…

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The Montezuma Waterfalls offer the most diverse opportunities for fun, and they are by far the most visited waterfalls in the Montezuma area. Ask your receptionist at the hotel how to get to them or visit for more information and directions. El Chorro is the waterfall that drops right…

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